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Malibu Estates is committed to excellence; our clients are shown all the available properties in their price

range, negotiating the best terms possible and to do our best to insure a smooth closing through escrow. Our 

knowledge of Residential & Commercial real estate throughout Southern California and our ability to think outside the

box aids us in achieving the results clients are looking for, particularly in today’s real estate market. We know how
to create opportunities that other agents wouldn’t even consider. Purchasing real estate can be one of the most

 significant investments that a person can make in their lives. We will negotiate to get the best possible price

and terms for the you. 


It's recommended to have a bank statement or a letter from your bank as verification of Proof

of Funds (POF). Often times, Agents will not show their property unless we provide

Proof of Funds, including Off-Market properties for sale.


if you will be financing, please be pre-approved with your mortgage broker before we start "House Hunting"

Once you have been pre-approved, we will be able to focus on the homes in your price range.

​It will also give you a chance to go over any important details with your mortgage broker on how much down payment

you will need to make this purchase, how much the monthly payments will be at different purchase price ranges,

what the approximate property taxes will be, approximate insurance payments, HOA Dues (if any), etc…


A Stronger Buyer

Sellers are more likely to consider an offer that includes Proof of Funds and a pre-approval letter included with an offer. 
It tells the seller and the seller's agent that you are capable of making this purchase and that you are
a serious Buyer as you will have taken the time to get pre-approved beforehand.

Potential Unknown Credit Issues

A pre-approval may alert you to credit issues that you were unaware of.  If you wait until the last minute

to secure financing and find that you have issues that need to be resolved with your credit, you

may lose out on the purchase your dream home.​​​

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